Retzer Adventure cellar

Discover the biggest wine cellar of Austria with a multimedia show in the underground labyrinth of Retz: 21 km long and reaching down to a depth of about 30 m.

Since the foundation of the city in 1279 the citizens of Retz embed their precious treasure in a layer of sea sand, which is 30 m thick - their wine.

Adventure cellar Retz

Wind mill Retz

The historical corn mill can be seen slightly above the city, on the eastern decline of the 'Böhmischen Masse'. This narrow transition zone - the "Manhartsberg", which reaches from Znaim to Krems - presents itself in an especially beautiful scenic form.

The wind mill is located amidst this natural protecturate, which consists of vineyards and plains of grass.

Wind mill Retz

National Park Thayatal

The Thayatal valley is situated in the north of Austria, near the state frontier to the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic the national park Podyjí was already created at the Thaya in 1991. On the Austrian side of the Thaya the national park Thayatal was established in 1999; the smallest national park of Austria covers around 13 km².

The Thayatal is one of the most beautiful and amazing gorges of Europe.

National Park Thayatal

Amethyst World Maissau

The biggest amethyst vein of the world.

The amethyst is a mystical semi-precious stone, which has a very special status because of its unmistakable violet colour and its mysterious history. The worldwide rarity - the 'Bänderamethyst' - forms the centre of the amethyst world Maissau, which is open all the year round.

Amethyst World Maissau

Bicycle Museum

The bicycle museum was created by Fritz Hurtl and voluntary helpers in the castle Gatterburg.

The exhibition covers the bicycle history since 1820.

Visitors can have a look at different sorts of bicycles and wheels (e.g. a velocipede) with original drafts and the story of their inventors.

In addition one can find interesting pictures, advertising panels, bicycle parts and descriptions.

Bicycle Museum

South Moravian Museum

The museum was founded in 1878 and manages some permanent exhibitions in Znojmo and the surrounding area. An historical exhibition and a lapidarium are located at the castle Znojmo with its precious rotunda of the holy Mary and Katharina. In the Minoriten monastery one can find scientific, archaeological and numismatic collections as well as a unique collection of oriental weapons. The museum also manages the castle Cornštejn and the P.-Diviš- memorial place in Přímětice.

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